A Wellness Therapy For Rosacea By The Oxford Beauty Clinic 

Rosacea is a constant balancing act. The wrong foods, too much stress, heavy exercise, even weather changes can cause a flare up. No wonder women with rosacea are so careful about anything that touches their skin!

Medications certainly help control this aggravating disease, but rosacea symptoms also respond beautifully to specialized facials. That’s why many dermatologists recommend rosacea facials as part of a prescription for wellness.

Not only do facials calm and soothe irritated, inflamed skin, they allow you the opportunity to relax your whole body and your mind. Can you imagine anything better for you than to feel completely relaxed?

And while you’re enjoying the much needed rejuvenation, your rosacea facial is hard at work emptying out toxins that cause dullness, blemishes, blackheads, and the like.

Plus, a facial makes all of your skincare products work more effectively! There are so many benefits to a facial you simply have to experience it for yourself…and reap the benefits, too!

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