Sensitive Skin Alert: How To Get The Skin You Thought You Couldn’t Have

Sensitive Skin Alert: How To Get The Skin You Thought You Couldn’t Have

It’s an understatement to say that those with sensitive skin are frustrated, aggravated, and downright flummoxed by their skin.

Whether it’s dyes, detergents, stress, extreme weather conditions, you name it, the triggers for sensitive skin are many!

And dealing with it is no fun. How do we know? We have years of experience successfully working with this baffling skin type.

But there is one treatment that—hands down—gives sensitive skin a radiant glow while reducing sensitivity problems.

A series of light chemical peels has converted many skeptics into diehard believers.

Here’s why.

Sensitive skin already has a problem with absorbing and retaining moisture. Over time, deposits of oil, dust particles and other impurities also clog pores. This makes it even more difficult to absorb and retain essential moisture.

That can cause skin to become acneic, dry, flaky, irritated or itchy. Since your skin already sheds old skin about every month or so, we simply accelerate an already familiar process.

Dead and damaged skin cells are gently swept away while healthy cell growth is stimulated. As a result, the barriers to retaining moisture are dramatically reduced.

Dry, flaky, skin disappears, acneic skin diminishes, and in its place is healthy, glowing skin. With each peel, you’ll see better results along with one great bonus.

Fine lines and wrinkles lessen, brown spots disappear over time, and you see firmer skin! The results of one peel builds on the next so that results are long term.

Unlike microdermabrasion, which aggressively sandblasts the skin and can cause further sensitivity, our gentle peels have no down time and won’t cause your sensitivity to explode.

Quite the opposite. We not only have the training and expertise, we genuinely love working with sensitive skin. However, not all skin practitioners do. That’s why we encourage you to place your trust in us.

The results will have you beaming!

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