Mascara vs. Lash Tinting

Mascara vs. Lash Tinting

Two of the ways in beautifying your eyelashes are putting on mascara or getting your lashes tinted. Some prefer tinting, some prefer mascara. But how will you know which one is best suited for you?

We have listed the positives and negatives of these two for you.

• Darkens, thickens and lengthens lashes
• Can be removed with makeup remover
• Can be self-applied at home
• Quick and inexpensive
• The colour of the mascara can be changed whenever you want.
• Generally safe and hypo-allergenic

• Some women are allergic to mascara
• Can clump up and look unnatural
• May run or streak from sweat or tears
• Must be applied and removed every day

Eyelash tinting
• Beneficial to those with very light-colored lashes or brows
• Lasts four to six weeks without reapplication
• Needs no maintenance once applied
• Will not run when wet
• Looks completely natural
• Can match the color perfectly to your hair and skin color

• Dangerous if applied incorrectly, especially with home kits
• Can cause allergic reactions or eye damage in some women
• More costly than mascara
• Tint can stain skin
• Only darkens eyelashes

Should you go for getting your eyelashes tinted, have it done by a trained professional. An experienced esthetician will do a consultation and a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic to the dye. Weigh out the pros and cons when choosing which method is right for you.

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