The 3D Peel For Sensitive Skin

The 3D Peel For Sensitive Skin

No, you won’t need 3D glasses, and there certainly won’t be a horror story, either!

With our light chemical peel for sensitive skin, you’ll remove:

  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Dead skin

“So what,” you say?

Well, what if we told you that removing the three D’s meant that common problems with your skin begin to disappear?

Because everything with this skin type requires gentleness and extra care, with a series of light chemical peels, you won’t have to worry. Our expertise and experience, which is essential to your success, lets your skin take on a whole new appearance.

That’s because the process accelerates your skin’s exfoliation. Damaged, dead skin cells, dirt, and debris make a fast exit. Pores are cleaned, acne is reduced, fine lines and wrinkles smooth out, and skin becomes firmer.

But there’s one more big plus. Sensitive skin also has great difficulty absorbing and retaining moisture, which is why it can become dry, flaky, and acneic.

With our series of light chemical peels, your skin’s ability to absorb and retain essential moisture is enhanced because dirt, debris, and dead skin have been removed.

Skin glows while dry, flaky skin disappears.

It’s pretty sweet for a skin type that most skin practitioners shy away from. We, on the other hand, love working with it because we know that our approach works!

Make peace with your sensitive skin and love your face. Ask us about light chemical peels for sensitive skin. No down time. Just beautiful, more cooperative skin.

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