“Does Natural Skin Care Work As Well As Traditional Formulas?”

“Does Natural Skin Care Work As
Well As Traditional Formulas?”

Did you know that on average women use 12 personal care products containing 168 different ingredients every day? (2004 survey by the Environmental Working Group)

That’s a lot by anyone’s standards, but what’s worse is this—the Food and Drug Administration does not test every single ingredient that goes into beauty products.

And you can’t trust the word “natural” on a label, either. It has not been regulated. That means the manufacturer can say it’s natural no matter what’s in it.

*Even beauty products certified USDA Organic can contain as little as 10% organic ingredients! It’s scary.

Maybe you’ve wanted to switch to a truly natural line, but were concerned that the skincare would not be as potent.

Put your fears to rest. No longer are natural skincare products seen as a step down or a trade-off in benefits compared to conventional cosmetic products.

Today, we have more availability to safer, raw, natural material due to the innovation of raw ingredient suppliers.

Our products ARE tested for potency, safety, and benefits to your skin. You’ll never have to worry about what’s going into your skin or the possible long-term side effects. We promise.

Source: www.dailymakeover.com/trends

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