Tips And Tricks For Beard Grooming

Tips And Tricks For Beard Grooming

Keeping your beard trimmed, cleaned, and styled properly can make you look like a million bucks.

Here’s a quick run down of our best tips for well maintained facial hair.

Get A Beard Trimmer
It’s just not good enough to get it trimmed every couple of weeks at the barbers. If you have a beard, this is the absolute minimum you need if you don’t want people to think you’re a lazy bum with a scraggly beard.

Find The Right Style For Your Beard
Without the proper knowledge, your beard, even if it’s maintained well, can make you look like a wreck. Try testing out the different styles to figure out which one is for you. A long thin face can be made to look more full and masculine with a full beard, whereas a wider face with a weak chin, for example, can be made to look longer and more trim with more hair on the chin versus the sideburns and cheeks. Remember that your hair must complement your head and face shape.

Pick The Right Length
This goes hand in hand with the style. Too short and it’s not quite there, and looks pretty weak. Too long and it can make your jaw look too puffy and wide.

Have A Manageable Routine
Taking care of a beard correctly can take a few minutes of your day, so make sure that you can keep up with whatever style and routine you choose for maintaining your scruff.

Clean Your Beard Regularly
A regular shampoo and even a conditioner can do wonders to keep you looking top notch. Just remember to give it a really thorough rinse, because left over products can dry on your face and flake during the rest of the day.

Keep That Neckline (And Cheekline) Natural
One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to be ‘cool’ and shaving a terrible neckline. If you’re looking for a full beard that’s trimmed a bit for cleanliness, start at or just above your Adam’s apple and make a nice natural line up just behind your jaw bone. Just follow the line that’s already there, but trim it up half an inch to an inch to make it a bit more tidy.

The same goes for your cheekline. Just take enough off to make sure there are no stragglers getting too high up on your face, but keep the line following your natural growth and ensure that wherever the line is, the beard is full all the way through.

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