If you have dry skin, we’re betting you’re a bit nervous about exfoliating. It’s no wonder. Dry skin does not exfoliate well, which causes it to look flaky, chalky, and just plain dull.

The skin’s “glue” is sebum, or oil, and dry skin definitely doesn’t produce much of it. What little is produced tends to solidify and stick to the skin’s surface longer than it should.

The result is literally patches of glued on skin cells, which you see as dry skin patches. If you do not exfoliate, you’ll find that the surface of your skin hardens and cracks. Over time, these cracks penetrate further into the layers of your skin causing permanent scarring.

If you do exfoliate, the tendency is to do so aggressively with a rough granular scrub to force the removal of dry flakes.

If you’ve ever tried this, you know it doesn’t work. Aggressive home exfoliation only inflames your skin and you still have dry flakes! Instead, choose a gentle exfoliator which has micro beads that also hydrate your skin.

Dry skin is not a condition to be taken lightly! Beneficial and highly effective skincare is the answer! Talk to us about a skincare regimen that works with you to relieve dry skin and make you look instantly younger!

And if you’re looking for even deeper relief with huge anti-aging benefits, consider glycolic acid peels. They, too, work wonders for dry skin.

Source: www.30glycolic.com

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