How To Solve Up To 8 Skin Imperfections In Less Than One Hour

How To Solve Up To 8 Skin Imperfections
In Less Than One Hour

Do you see any of these skin conditions staring back at you?

Age spots
Fine lines and wrinkles
Dull, dry skin
Uneven skin tone
Large pores
Acne scarring
Sagging skin

Sometimes it’s just plain overwhelming, isn’t it? To be fair, we are our own worst enemy, especially when it comes to appearance. That’s why the mirror holds such power!

But this is no time to go all doom and gloom on us, especially when we have the solution right here…and it’s so affordable. With Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion, you can tackle and solve your own worst nightmares—all in one session.

This next generation in microdermabrasion is creating legions of fans, and it’s no wonder. The new method does not scratch your skin to exfoliate it. Instead, it polishes it.

There is no redness, stinging or grit to contend with!

Sessions are shorter and more precise with the wand gliding into contours of your skin for a far more effective session.

Collagen and elastin that have been sleeping on the job are now back at work—working overtime. Your skin becomes firmer and tighter.

No need to mope about your skin. This medically proven treatment can handle multiple complaints beautifully!

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