Rosacea is such a frustrating disease. While there are common denominators, the symptoms can vary from person to person!

Initially, keeping a journal to chronicle food and drinks consumed help to identify triggers. We do know that spicy foods, caffeine and red wine tend to be common flare-up culprits.

Fortunately, skin care advances have now made this baffling disease less frustrating to manage. Clinical treatments can dramatically reduce the severity of rosacea. The results have been tremendous.

While the clinical results can make you forget you have rosacea, you must still be mindful of it!

– If at all possible, try not to get over-heated.
– Cover your face from the wind and the cold. Just make sure the fabric is not made of wool or any other scratchy material. It’s just too rough for your skin.
– Apply not only sunscreen but also an antioxidant serum for maximum protection from the sun’s rays!
– Keep hairspray from touching your face. It can aggravate rosacea.
– Keep your skincare routine simple. Too many products can irritate your skin. NO deodorant soaps on the face. Use only gentle professional skincare products.
– Avoid scrubbing, rubbing, or massaging your face.

Clinical treatments can give you beautiful skin with no telltale signs of rosacea.

The key is maintenance. Follow up with your dermatologist regularly and maintain monthly clinical treatments. Talk to us. We’re here to help!

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