It’s not uncommon for women to tell us they have oily skin, when in fact, they actually have combination skin.

What’s the difference? Oily skin is oily all over—not just the t-zone. Combination skin types experience two skin conditions on their face, oily and normal or dry. It’s tricky and difficult.

While you may have to use lighter products in your t-zone and heavier products on your cheeks, exfoliation remains simple!

A gentle granular scrub works extremely well for combination skin. Not too drying and not too rough, twice weekly exfoliation will help to:

• Loosen and remove dead skin and debris—Skin looks smoother, radiant

• Unclog pores-They look smaller!

• Allow for a smooth, even make-up application

• Keep blackheads from appearing

Combination skin can be a bear to work with and needs special care. We can help. Just ask!

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