Yes, yes, we know you want to get rid of those large pores, those nasty blackheads, and you want to scrub your skin into a glow worthy of sunglasses. We get it!

But you won’t get what you’re looking for by applying the force of a pressure washer to the surface of your skin! Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake we see with clients desperate to transform their skin immediately.

Scrubs are a wonderful way to sweep clean the surface of your skin. But more pressure is not better for your skin! It can cause irritation, broken capillaries and dryness.

The absolute best way to use granular scrubs is to gently use a circular motion. This will safely and effectively remove the dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and give you that beautiful, youthful glow.

Remember these key points:

– Thinner skin should be gently exfoliated once per week.
– Thicker skin can be exfoliated two to three times per week. But just because it’s thicker doe NOT mean rub it harder!
– Acneic skin should use a gel-based exfoliant. These leave skin smooth and soft without aggravating the infection.

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