How To Eliminate Large Pores

How To Eliminate Large Pores

Large pores are tough to eliminate.

You have to be careful in choosing what products or treatments to get so as not to make matters worse. So let’s start with the basics.

Pick the right cleanser. Large pores are often the result of oily skin, sun damage and genetics. Opt for an exfoliant cleanser to wash away the outer layer of dead skin cells, leaving you with smoother skin.

Use Retinoids. These are not only excellent for reducing the appearance of large pores, but they also smooth fine lines and wrinkles!

Get the right moisturizer. Oily skin needs moisturizing too! Balance your skin with an oil-free moisturizer to increase hydration in the skin.

And finally, talk to us about our highly effective treatments that diminish the appearance of large pores, increase collagen production and give you a reason to smile every time you look in the mirror.

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