Trying To Look Young But Failing?

Trying To Look Young But Failing?

As we get older, we sometimes get stuck in old patterns. We stick to the same routine even though our bodies are screaming for a change.

So how can you know if you are one of these people?

Here are three telltale mistakes that signal somebody’s stuck in a flashback:

• Ring around the face make-up. Wearing the wrong shade of make-up gives you a ring under the chin and uneven skin tone. Make sure your makeup always blends flawlessly with your skin.

• The cosmetic counter look. Too much make-up is often worn to hide facial imperfections and to cover a poor self-esteem. Unfortunately, overdoing it is even worse.

• Trying to look way younger than you are. Yes, everyone nowadays is yearning to turn back the hands of time. But sporting very young fashion trends won’t bring it back. It will only draw unattractive attention to yourselves.

In wanting to look younger, go for corrective facials. Let this and other medical skincare treatments work for you.

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