Habits that Sabotage the Skin

Habits that Sabotage the Skin

Skin saboteurs…. There are three common habits that can wreak havoc on your skin. Let’s see what they are and what you can do about them.

Keeping outdated cosmetics – If you can’t remember the last time you used it, it’s probably been longer than three months.

Throw them away! Outdated products are bacteria-breeding farm. Everyone wants to save money, but you might end up spending more if your skin starts having problems. Mark the date on the container when you buy it. Better to be safe than sorry!

DIY Facials – We’ve all done this at one point or another, squeezing a zit, peeling off a scab, or picking a pimple until it bleeds. When you do this, you’re injuring your skin, which can lead to scarring.

Try to resist the temptation and let us handle these problems with the greatest of care.

Sleeping with your make-up on. You’ve been warned against this time and time again. Why? Because this bad habit not only ages your skin up to four days in one night, but it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria. That means blackheads and pimples.

If you think you can’t wash your face before hitting the hay, wipe your face with a pre-moistened towelette to remove the day’s make-up and grime.

These three skin saboteurs are really more about lifestyle choices. They’re easy to slip into, but with little effort, just as easy to slip out of.

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