Why Sensitive Skin Is Like A Leaky Bucket

Why Sensitive Skin Is Like A Leaky Bucket

Sensitive skin is frustrating, aggravating, and probably a few other words we can’t mention here.

With such grumpy skin, it’s no wonder you may feel like your skin is holding you hostage, dictating the terms of your surrender.

Sound familiar?

Probably one of the most frustrating problems with sensitive skin is its inability to absorb and retain moisture. It’s like trying to fill up a leaky bucket.

Even when you find skincare products that your skin tolerates, it still does not look or feel hydrated. While we don’t have a magic wand for healing sensitive skin, we do have something that’s close.

Our sensitive skin clients absolutely love the multiple benefits of our light chemical peel. Never EVER harsh with absolutely no down time, this sensitive skin friendly peel treats multiple problems and prevents new ones from cropping up.

How? Unlike microdermabrasion, it accelerates your skin’s natural shedding process, removing dead, damaged surface skin cells.

With microdermabrasion, your skin is sandblasted, working against your body’s own process. Plus, it can cause increased sensitivity and aggravate problem skin. Microdermabrasion just isn’t a solution either short or long term.

Under our expert hand, we carefully work with what your skin already knows how to do.
The results help to heal a leaky bucket.

With excess dirt, debris, and dead skin gone, your skin can now increase its ability to absorb and retain moisture. That makes both of you much happier.

Light chemical peels give you a healthy glow, reduced pore size, reduced acne, as well as a reduction in dry, flaky skin. Plus, you’ll notice less fine lines, wrinkles, and you’ll get firmer skin.

Take charge and make friends with your sensitive skin. We can get you there with a smile on your face!

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