Hot waxing is the most commonly used body waxing technique. It is applied to the body after heating and is very useful for the legs or chest. Wax can be helpful when waxing sensitive skin. The warmth opens up pores to make the wax stick easier.

If you want to use hot wax, put it on in the direction that your hair grows and not backward because that can cause a lot of pain. With cold waxing, you need a single stripe that gently presses against the skin–all in seconds. The strips can be used in a variety of different shapes and sizes for any part of the body.

Unlike hot wax, cold wax starts working on your hair right away – so you can grab a few swipes right off the bat. Disadvantages can arise when the machine is used repeatedly in one area and causes skin irritation.

Hard Wax: This is also known as ‘Strip less waxing’. It is directly applied to the body in a thick manner and there is no use of strips or cloths. When the wax gets hardens, this is skillfully pulled out by the therapists.

Advantages: As there is no stripe is used, the wax does not cling to the body which is why it is very beneficial for sensitive skin. This also helps to remove smaller and finer hairs from the body.

Disadvantages: In this action, you can have certain skin issues. If someone is prone to skin infections due to sensitive skin, he/she should avoid this process.

Sugaring Wax: This is the natural way to get your waxing done. Ingredients, like sugar, water, and lemon juice are used here. All get heated up to make a sticky substance.

Advantages: As being made from natural ingredients, this is perfect for every skin type. The process itself is an easy one so it can also be used at home.

Disadvantages: The process cannot beneficial for the finer hairs and also is not been able to clear all hairs at the first application. Hopefully, you get ideas about waxing types and their pros and cons. If you take good care of your skin, you won’t have any after-effects of waxing. So don’t wait to have glowing skin. Rushed to Oxford Beauty Clinic and get it done. Fast!